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Ready Made Design with Minor Customization

Printshop88 is ready to provide you with design and customization services.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and further minimize printing time, printshop88 buy ready made design from brochuremonster website and provide customization to customer satisfactory level for a fee (brochuremonster template fee + our customization charges)

Brochuremonster website provides high quality design templates that cater for multiple industries. Yet Brochuremonster template fee is reasonably affordable. Based on the high quality and reasonable price range, printshop88 believe you will find a suitable design to cater for your need.

We do not resell brochure moster design template. If you choose to print with us, you can select your design from

and inform us the design template id, we will buy it for you and discuss with you on the customization need.

If you just want to buy the design without print, you can visit their website directly. Printshop88 is not in anyway affiliated nor is a partner of brochuremonster.

Introductory Promotion

Printshop88 is able to wave off the design fee if your printing quantity is justifiable. Call us to discuss.


Artwork Template

In order to make sure your submission is problem free or at least with the least problem, we have developed a sets of common size template as a guideline for you to follow.

There are two sets of frame in every template, which is GREEN FRAME and RED FRAME.

RED FRAME is the bleeding line beyond the GREEN FRAME. If your printed image is full bleed, you should extend your image to this frame but not beyond this frame.

GREEN FRAME is the SAFETY ZONE, where your final printed product will be trimmed according to this frame. anything inside this GREEN FRAME is safe.

You can download the templates listed below for your usage.

A5 Single Side    
A5 Double Side    
A4 Single Side    
A4 Double Side    
A3 Single Side    
A3 Double Side    
A5 Bill Book    
A4 Bill Book    
4.5 x 9.75 Envelope    
4.5 x 9.75 window    
7 x 10 Envelope    
9 x 12.75 Envelope    
10 x 13 Envelope    
10 x 15 Envelope    
12 x 16 Envelope    

Malaysia Printing
Malaysia Printing
Malaysia Printing
Malaysia Printing Malaysia Printing Malaysia Printing Malaysia Printing
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